What is Tamps?

Tamps is a quick and fast-paced card game designed for friend or family. It can be described as a mix of Poker and Set because of the card design, the suspense that is built up and the fact that, at its core, it is a social game. Tamps is ideally played in social settings such as small get-togethers and cafés because a match is very short. Players form teams and create non-verbal signs in order to win. As you play multiple games, tension gradually rises… Is the other team on to your cards? Did they discover your sign? Or are you quick enough to lead your team to victory?!

A full Tamps deck consists of 80 playing cards.
GameIcons_0.01_players The minimum amount of players is four; two teams of two. However, you can go up to 9 players! Making three teams of three.
GameIcons_0.01_age Tamps contains no strong language or explicit content. However, we recommend an age of 10+ since the game can be lightning fast and requires continued focus.
GameIcons_0.01_time A single match takes about 3 minutes and a game can include 5 to 10 matches. However, players can decide to play more or less matches changing the play time, depending on their own preferences.
GameIcons_0.01_dynamics Tamps is a simple game with a few rules, but it can still be quite challenging for beginning players. You need to multi-task frantically and stay focused and calm at the same time. Once you know the basics of the game you can quickly become better. To stimulate a gradual learning process, it is possible to play with 80, 100 or 125 cards; increasing the difficulty every time.


How to play?


Goal - Getting Tamps
The goal of the game is that someone in your team shouts ‘TAMPS’, followed by name of the player who actually has Tamps! This can be a teammate or someone on the opposing team. A player has ‘Tamps’ when he/she has collected a specified series of five cards in his or her hand.



Step 1 - Make teams
Before the game can start, players need to set up teams and teammates need to agree on a secret sign. The purpose of the sign is to signal to your teammate that you have Tamps. It is important that this sign remains secret throughout the whole game. So plan carefully and be smart about how you use your sign! Signs must be non-verbal and happen above the table (so no kicking).


Step 2 - Set Up
One game consists of several matches. Each match starts with all the players receiving 5 at random, face down. Additionally, 5 random cards are placed faced down in the middle of the table. When every player is ready and has looked at his cards, the five cards in the middle of the table are flipped up and the fun begins.


How_To_Play_Images_Set up


Step 3 - Start!
Players are free to swap cards from their hands with the cards on the table (one by one though). There are no turns and waiting involved in Tamps The gameplay consists of constantly swapping cards in order to collect Tamps. When no one wants to swap anymore, the 5 cards in the table are replaced with 5 new cards from the deck and the second round begins and a third and a fourth, until someone called a Tamps. If a team called Tamps correctly they score a point, if the Tamps was called incorrectly the other team scores a point.

Could you clarify with an example?
Let us say that Fred has collected a Tamps, he signs this to Marlene. She calls out “Tamps Fred!” and they score a point. But beware, the other team can also call out “Tamps Fred!”. They could have known this by noticing what Fred was collecting when he took the cards from the table or by guessing the sign correctly. The team that shouted “Tamps Fred!” first scores a point if he indeed had a Tamps. If he didn’t, then the other team scores a point.

Step 4 - Repeat & Win
You repeat the previous steps and play multiple matches this way. Teams are allowed to change their signs between matches. If one of the teams reach the required number of points (which should be agreed upon beforehand), they win!